The State Fire Marshal Division is excited to announce "Fire Training Props"

The following prop trailers are available for use for either training facilities or fire departments. The current locations of the prop trailers are shown on the map below. Highlight on the map pin for a description and other information.


State Fire Marshal Division Props


SFM Sprinkler Trailer


Prop Calendar



SFM Sprinkler Trailer


Training Prop Rental Fee’s:

• $300 per day – for car fire trailer or fire vent trailer

• $3.00 per mile if Minnesota State Colleges tows the trailer for you

• Prop trailers must be towed by a State, County, City or Tribal Vehicle. No private vehicles allowed to tow the trailers UNLESS it is a recognized private training provider vehicle with the proper insurance requirements. Minimum ¾ ton payload vehicle required to tow the trailers.


Requirements to Rent SFMD prop Trailers:

• 1 person on the day of training, on site, has been through one of our SFMD “train the operator” sessions and will act as the FCO (Fire Control Officer).

• 1 person on the day of training, on site, is recognized (on the MBFTE list) as a NFPA 1403 Qualified live burn instructor (8 hour course) and will act as the Lead Instructor (LI)

** These 2 requirements cannot be the same person.

• Signed contract through Brea at Ridgewater College in Willmar.

To Rent:

• Contact Brea Lohn by clicking below

Brea Lohn, Minnesota State Colleges


Sprinkler Trailer

We do not charge for this training. The following are necessary:

Space Considerations:

• The trailer is 20 feet long by 12 feet wide by 9 feet tall (fully set-up)

• Indoors space preferred based on weather considerations but can conduct training outdoors if weather is favorable.


Water Supply – access to one of the following:

• Fire hydrant

• 1½ - inch truck fill connection


• 120-volt power supply

• Contact Jon Nisja by clicking below

Jon Nisja, Supervisor, MN State Fire Marshal Division