State Fire Marshal Division Props

Sprinkler Trailer

We do not charge for this training. The following are necessary:

Space Considerations:

• The trailer is 20 feet long by 12 feet wide by 9 feet tall (fully set-up)

• Indoors space preferred based on weather considerations but can conduct training outdoors if weather is favorable.


Water Supply – access to one of the following:

• Fire hydrant

• 1½ - inch truck fill connection


• 120-volt power supply

• Contact Roy Kingsley by clicking below

Roy Kingsley, Fire Protection Systems Inspector, MN State Fire Marshal Division




Training Prop Rental Fee’s:

• $300 per day – for car fire trailer or fire vent trailer

• $3.00 per mile if Minnesota State Colleges tows the trailer for you

• Prop trailers must be towed by a State, County, City or Tribal Vehicle. No private vehicles allowed to tow the trailers UNLESS it is a recognized private training provider vehicle with the proper insurance requirements. Minimum ¾ ton payload vehicle required to tow the trailers.


Requirements to Rent SFMD prop Trailers:

• 1 person on the day of training, on site, has been through one of our SFMD “train the operator” sessions and will act as the FCO (Fire Control Officer).

• 1 person on the day of training, on site, is recognized (on the MBFTE list) as a NFPA 1403 Qualified live burn instructor (8 hour course) and will act as the Lead Instructor (LI)

** These 2 requirements cannot be the same person.

• Signed contract through Brea at Ridgewater College in Willmar.

To Rent:

• Contact Brea Lohn by clicking below

Brea Lohn, Minnesota State Colleges